Roof Cleaning Services in Sunderland

Give your roof a facelift with Powerwash NE! Our fully insured services specialise in removing dirt, stains, and moss, restoring your roof's lustre. Trust us for expert roof cleaning that boosts curb appeal and protects your property.

Roof Cleaning Experts, Maintain a Healthy Roof

Powerwash NE specialises in roof cleaning services, focusing on moss removal to prevent damage and expensive repairs to your roof. Our experts cater to domestic and commercial properties in the North East, improving the longevity of your roofs.

Our range of roof cleaning services include:

Roof scrape and biocide treatment

Low pressure clean and biocide treatment

Soffit cleaning

Fascia cleaning

Gutter clearance

Gutter cleaning

Roof scrape and biocide treatment

Our roof scrape and biocide treatment efficiently remove moss, ensuring clear gutters. This safe and effective method inhibits the return of moss, algae, and lichen by using biocide, which gradually breaks them down at a cellular level.

Though it takes several months for full results, this non-invasive approach provides protection for up to four years, depending on environmental conditions.

Low pressure clean and biocide treatment

Our low-pressure clean and biocide treatment are performed from our specialised scaffold, efficiently eliminating dirt, grime, moss, and algae from your roof.

Biocide is applied afterward to remove any remaining spores or biofilm, providing protection against reoccurrence. This ensures a cleaner roof for an extended period.

Upon contacting us, one of our professionals will conduct a site visit to assess your property before presenting you with a quote. The project will be thoroughly evaluated, and a free written estimate will be provided.

Contact Powerwash NE for expert roof cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning Services in Sunderland